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  Heavy racking

Heavy type storage shelves: use cold-roll steel sheets to roll-in the molding, the upright can reach up to 6-10 meter, there is no joint in the centre. Use high quality square steel to make the beam, weight capacity is strong, uneasy deformation, the connection of beam and column is reliable. Dismounting easily, and use lock pin. The surfaces of all the shelves with picking, parkerising, and electrostatic spraying, can have rust corrosion resistance, suitable for large storage.

  Medium racking

Medium racking: The structure of shelves is simple, the maximum load for every layer is 350kg, the story height is 50MM, it can be adjusted at will. The shelves can be installed expediently. The The top and bottom of the shelves, using bolts to connect upright and panel to make the longspan shelves have good stability. Unique design flip chart of each layer can plug-and-socket pillar and panel effectively, make the shelves of the assembly, remove more quickly. Beautiful shape, reasonable structure, solid and durable, weight is very strong. Can be combined at will, dismounting conveniently, can make full use of space, storey height can be adjusted freely, suitable for medium warehouse. Medium shelves adopt the high quality cold stamping forming, after the phosphorprocess, powder spraying and complete.

  Light Rack

Light Rack: is a kind of common structure of a strong system, can be widely used in the assembly of light aircraft materials, workbench, Tool Cart, suspension system, safety net and support frame. The length of angle iron punching fast calibration can be cut, any assembly with a screwdriver, correction and reinstall, so it can meet the planned to use, and can satisfy the need for emergency use

  Book Rack

Book back for placing various types of books, a clear classification, stick out a mile.

  Deluxe Back Rack/strong>

Supermarket shelves are mainly applied to large , a turbulent, be good to hear or see.

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