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Shandong Qian cheng Logistlcs ware houshing equipment CO.,LTD

Former Shandong logistics warehousing equipment manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a design and development, manufacturing, medicine shelf storage shelves, industrial equipment. Logistics equipment for the integrated enterprise. Sales of the company by the Ji'nan ten West Road, manufacturing base is located in Jining Yanzhou Xinglong Industrial Park, covers an area of 28 acres, has a standard workshop of 15000 square meters, is the Jiangbei large shelf manufacturing company. Another area of 60 acres of standard production line the shelves. Also in active preparation ... From 2006 through the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. Always adhere to the" quality first quality, second, third or quality " purposes, to serve the modern industry, customer demand and customer satisfaction as the business philosophy. Company production of heavy shelves ( beam type, through type, mezzanine, automatic stereoscopic warehouse. Cantilever, press-fit, stackable, sideslip ), tray, and other logistics equipment.. widely applicable to medicine and food, petrochemical, electrical and electronic, textile and rubber, culture and education, posts and Telecommunications auto parts industrial warehousing, logistics and distribution industry unit. The company has to undertake hundreds of logistics distribution center warehouse shelf engineering ... ... Thousands of enterprise warehouse upgrading and rebuilding engineering ... ... Product sales throughout the country. Manufacturing sales reached more than 9000 tons per year ... ... The overseas market is also actively expanding ... ...

Front into a committed to storage space expansion and the cost savings in logistics! The former into the logistics warehousing equipment, the logistics domain.

Shandong Qian cheng Logistlcs ware houshing equipment CO.,LTD
Address: Shandong province Yanzhou City South outer ring Xinglong Industrial Park   TEL:0537-3886677 3887788 鲁ICP备08014194号    785601097有事您Q我